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Titel: Hohe Hürde für die “Europa-Armee”

Kurztext: 28 Armeen, die im Wesentlichen das Gleiche tun: Militärisch arbeiten die EU-Staaten kaum zusammen. Das soll sich ändern. Immer häufiger fällt das Schlagwort “Europa-Armee”. Die Hürden sind aber hoch.

(via Dilbert comic strip for 07/31/2014 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.)
Dear ones, another story of my insanity - Have a blast or stay away from it. Proceed with self-care.
Mariana just got kicked out of a men’s circle on accounts of having an obvious female energy. Was politely and sweetly asked to leave because my presence made one person more comfortable than he wanted to be. Aaaaaaaah.
Crying on the stairs behind the door I connect to more of what’s going on.
My female(???) side kicked in and I was happy to leave. Was i , though? Could I have challenged him to a fight for the right to be there? That might have served better my connection with the part of me I wanted to work with.
Why could you not see me as male?
Oh, gender. What a fraud.
Women do not recognise me as female and men do not recognise me as male.
I get to be an outsider everywhere I go, yay!
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